Fistula Surgery Clinic in Kamothe

Our group of colorectal specialists is a vital piece of the Division of Fistula Surgery Clinic in Kamothe. Our specialists are specialists in the surgical and nonsurgical treatment of issues of the colon, rectum and butt. Notwithstanding full preparing when all is said in done surgery, our colorectal specialists have finished propelled preparing in the treatment of colorectal issues, and in this manner, assume a critical part in the successful treatment of patients with colorectal infections.

Fistula Surgery Clinic in Kamothe to treat a butt-centric fistula requires a gifted colorectal specialist. In addition to the fact that it is hard to treat the fistula with the goal that it recuperates well, yet it is additionally essential not to harm the butt-centric sphincter or within the rear-end amid surgery as fecal incontinence could then create.

The Division Fistula Surgery Clinic in Kamothe broad involvement in treating straightforward and complex anorectal fistulas. Fistula administration is mind boggling and requires information of the exceptional life systems around there and malady states with a specific end goal to deplete the disease and cure the fistula while looking after self control. Fistulotomy, seton situation, progression fold repair and LIFT techniques are performed by our specialists and are individualized to the patient relying on the nature and area of the fistula.

Jeevan Jyot Clinic specialists Fistula Surgery Clinic in Kamothe work intimately with associates in gastroenterology and different claims to fame, for example, irresistible infection, and in addition withwound mind specialists, to guarantee that you get exhaustive, inventive and steady care.

We have all around prepared specialists, amazing framework with cutting edge therapeutic gear, devoted paramedics and dependable subordinate offices, for example, pathology, radiology, concentrated care, and so on. We exceed expectations in laparoscopic and open weight diminishment surgery and guarantee scar-less treatment by Fistula Surgery Clinic in Kamothe

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